SETI Conference

Soweto Economic Transformation Indaba 2016:

A platform to discuss the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats involved in sustainability of economic transformation of the Soweto business scenario.To further develop a coordinated strategy and programmes to be implemented, that will turn the business opportunities and enable Smme’s and informal businesses to “Graduate” to formal and viable entities that will compete and add value to the mainstream economy.

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Executive Summary
The crux of the Soweto Economic Transformation Indaba 2016 and the theme of #RISE SOWETO KE NAKO isto address the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment. Specific proposals and outcomes that guide radical economic transformation to address the triple challenges contained in the NDP, the Gauteng vision 2055 and Gauteng Department of Economic Development Strategic Plan 2014-19 on the Sowetan calendar and one of the top local ‘must visit’ events of its kind on theSoweto soil. The annual Indaba would prove to be a boon to government, private sector, small businesses, young entrepreneurs, civil society, academics, researchers, senior executives, professionals and civil society. SETI’s fundamental agenda “A radically transformed, modernised and re-industrialised economy in Soweto, manifesting decent work, economic inclusion and equity.” Register for this Event..

This Indaba will provide a platform to discuss the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats involved in sustainability of economic transformation of the Soweto business scenario.To further develop a coordinated strategy and programmes to be implemented, that will turn the business opportunities and enable Smme’s and informal businesses to “Graduate” to formal and viable entities that will compete and add value to the mainstream economy.

This Indaba will bring together a range of industry leaders, senior executives, government departments and key decision makers to understand the market gaps in the key sectors of any business organization and to understand the challenges faced by Smme’s at the local level.We are inviting relevant stakeholders of business including academics and professionals based on the following economic growth sectors namely Finance, Automotive Industry, Manufacturing, ICT, Tourism, Pharmaceuticals, Creative Industries, Construction, Real Estate, and Agro-processing to be participants on the day in shaping and taking Soweto region forward.

Problem Statement & Approach
We have embarked on a process of aligning our growth and development direction to be in conformity with the objectives of the National Development Plan (NDP) Gauteng Province Socio-economic development plan and vision 2055, Gauteng Department of Economic Development five (5) year strategic plan 2014-2019 and Joburg 2040 growth and development strategy (GDS 2040) these are fundamental documents that we make reference to in making interventions to the imbalances of the past.
After a vigorous research in the interaction with City of Johannesburg and University of Johannesburg on the economy or GDP of Soweto, it is noted that is sitting at 1trillion plus in the formal sector and that exclude the informal sector and we have further noted with great concern that this economy it’s not transforming the lives of the residents of Soweto region. It is critical to assert that this economy is shared among few monopolies, meaning that there is a huge polarisation gap between these few monopolies and SMMEs in terms of economic share. The plan for this Indaba is to bring all relevant stakeholders, government, private sector, business,Smme’s, communities, academics, professionals etc, under one roof to have a dialogue with the aim to find a common ground in bridging the gap of marginalized Smme’s in the mainstream economy of their region and further design an implementation action plan with clear deliverables in restoring hope and dignity of Soweto community, WOMEN and YOUTH in particular.

The recent report confirms that about two-thirds of the Soweto youth is unemployed and this further means that youth is more than double when compared with adult unemployment rate. High unemployment has remained synonymous in Soweto, so it can not be business as “USUAL”. Lets further note that Soweto is currently sitting at 26.8% of the population of the City of Johannesburg.

The appeal of the event is not limited to the Soweto community only; rather, the general public is encouraged to attend and participate in the event, and all potential stakeholders in South Africa. We envision that the event will become a forum for greater cross-business communication, using both entertainment and business experiences as a lever for greater understanding and experiential change. Further, the SETI organizing committee will undertake to broaden the event’s appeal by partnering with all potential partners and sponsors who have their interest at heart of participating in the Socio-economic transformation agenda of South Africa and Soweto region in particular. This work is already underway, so be part of the transition of taking Soweto region forward.

Soweto Economic Transformation Indaba 2016, is intended to be the first of many annual presentations. However, the first event will be delivered on a moderate scale than the demand might presuppose.

Designed For Soweto
The INDABA will be designing an implementation model with clear targets focusing on the five (5) GDED strategic plans namely;
(1) New, smart, knowledge-based economy and industries as part of a radically transformed local economy;(2) Revitalised and modernised township economies reflecting radical transformation and re-industrialisation of local economy; (3)SMME’s, township enterprises and cooperatives participating in mainstream economic activities as part of a radically transformed and reindustrialised township economy; (4) Appropriately skilled human resource and business capacity that meet the needs of a radically transformed and re-industrialised township economy; and(5) Green industries contributing to energy security as an important element of radically transforming and reindustrialising local economy.


We will also have an expanded marketplace and one on one session where you can chat to investors and learn more about how to get ready for business finance, what investors are looking for and how to sell your idea. The will also be showcasing potential through exhibition.

We have already got confirmed involvement from some of our event partners MOSHATE COMMUNICATIONS as well as;

•To share best practice in entrepreneurship and small business development.
•To coordinate all smme’s in various sectors.
•To critically better understand the demographics and profile interests of Soweto.
•To identify small business needs.
•To advocate for small enterprises in Soweto.
•To invent strategies and beginning a process of the Indaba agenda.
•To expose local businesses and society to the economy of their region.
•To present and launch an incubation model for all Smme’s in Soweto.
•To commit or resolve on an implementation action plan.
•To encourage public, private, partnership.
•To promote Social Cohesion.
•Signing of Soweto Economic Transformation commitment Charter.

Project Definition
Key Deliverables
The key deliverables for the project will be:

To Reach out a number of partnerships, sponsors, co-operation in achieving the SETI event aims and objectives and beyond.To celebrate the diversity and success of this great township through Arts Culture and Business. To create a platform to address the issues of tolerance amongst all Africans and to foster greater compassion and tolerance for refugee communities living in Soweto.
Sponsorship –Preliminary funds to implement the projections rely on sponsorships.
Time–We have exactly 90 Days to prepare for the event.
Assumptions The project is predicated on the following assumptions:
The SETI Organising Committee is able to look out to secure partnerships, sponsorship and funding.
Exclusions The Lighthouse Economic Development Institute has no preferential alignment with any particular political party or parties.
The other prospects and pieces of work that interface with this project are:
Dept. Of Small Businesses.
Dept. Of Economic Development.
Dept. Of Trade and Industry.
Dept. Of Social Development.
Dept. Of Community Safety.
Dept. Of Arts and Culture.
SMME’s, Communities.
External Dependencies
The project is externally dependant on the following:
Partnerships/ Sponsorships/ Funding.
Securing support and from COJ Municipality.
Securing support from the GAUTENG Premiers Office.
Gauteng Department of Economic Development.
Securing support from the Office the Minister of Small Businesses.
Securing support from Black Business Council.
Support from South African Broadcasting communication (SABC). ETC
The tolerances for the project are as follows:
There will be a number of beneficial results from the event which will not only provide a platform to showcase our talents but will also recognise and celebrate the local Entrepreneurs and small businesses of Soweto. Other benefits will include the promotion of Soweto unity and cultural tolerance by embracing our cultural diversity.The project will provide the following periphery benefits:
•Employment Opportunities.
•Development and Exposure of local Arts and Culture.
•Investment into Entertainment and Events Sector.
•Investment into Tourism Sector.
•Investment into Small Business Sector.
•Investment into Community Crime Prevention Strategy.
•Provides a platform to address recent acts of cultural intolerance.
Approach | Plan| Process and Execution: Approach
The event is made up of multiple events held at the U.J and Precinct over a period of two (2) days. The Indaba will also include a programme of free interactive Exhibitions held in the premises at the U.J for the benefit of the students, local upcoming Businesses, civil society and industry role players.
Social Cohesion:
We will be hosting a golf day on the on the 5th October 2016 , the purpose is to fundraise for the Soweto enterprise development incubation programme (Enterprise Development Fund) and further prepare SETI stakeholders/ participants for the actual event of the 6thOctober 2016 at the University of Johannesburg Soweto campus. Golf day will take place at the Crown Mine Golf Club.
Sponsors Benefits •To be showcased on local newspapers . (Soweto Television Networks) To be part of business events documentary for sale or lease to interested Television stations.
•A co-partnership to be struck with local media that guarantee numbers within the target segment.
•Co-branding with media partner imbues them with a sense of ownership, which delivers excellent media values.
Elements of media exposure will include:
•Pre-Competition promotional schedules.
•Contestant and sponsor on-air interviews.
•On air giveaways and print consumer competitions.
•Outside Broadcast unit to broadcast from the event on the day.
Pre-Publicity Benefits
•Branding throughout the Poster Campaign in all strategic areas, throughout Johannesburg Municipal Areas.
•Flyers, banners, SMS bundle, websites.
•Pre-event promotional activities i.e. Blitz.
•Official media launch for both print & electronic media.
•High rotation through our electronic media sponsor.
•Dispatch our official print media to run block adverts, editorials, interviews with our invited Artists and Organizers mentioning sponsors, Municipal and competition giveaways.
•VIP Ticket and Cell Phone Competition with an SMS Line through broadcast media.
During Event Benefits: •Branding at the venue.
•Handing out of branded novelties to patrons.
•The MC will frequently acknowledge sponsors.
•Sponsors logos will be printed and displayed throughout print media, social media, event branding at every audition and activation venue. •Worldwide Syndication (details to be given to sponsors after syndication agreement has been signed.)
Post-event Benefits:
Newspapers reviews.
Radio reviews.
Media monitoring reports
Electronic Media This is how we guarantee the sponsors and media owners long lasting value for investment in the event: We would create a Video Promo for the event that would load to YouTube and promote throughout all Social Media Platform. This would create a product placement opportunity for Sponsors. The event would be filmed and edited into a 08 minute promo for MobiTV giving sponsors long lasing mileage for their spend. The 8 min promo can also be submitted to all Entertainment News Programs across all channels.