Our Vision & Mission

About LEDI

LIGHTHOUSE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE is a Non-Profit Company whose vision is to spearhead economic development in Southern Africa. LIGHTHOUSE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE has set for itself a mandate to utilise its skills and capabilities in the pursuit of creating and promoting profitable and sustainable economic development projects in South Africa & the SADC Region.

In South Africa, these projects are in line with the government’s agenda for sustainable economic growth across all sectors of the economy, with increased participation by those from the previously disadvantaged and currently marginalised sectors of the population. To this end then, LEDI aim is to work to empower economically-disadvantaged South Africans to become entrepreneurs and active stakeholders in the country’s economy. LEDI does business acquisitions, business plan development, business training, project management, financing and networking of start-up ventures to stable and sustainable markets.

As an NPC, LEDI seeks to formulate and implement effective economic development strategies that will help create sustainable businesses and jobs in South Africa. These objectives are achieved through economic empowerment which is done through convening and packaging strategies that help develop entrepreneurial individuals and teams to take advantage of business sectors across the entire economic spectrum, based on the principle of co-existence with established business.

Over the years through its networks with social entrepreneurial platforms, LEDI has been able to leverage its services to elevate entrepreneurial people mainly from disadvantaged background to become part of economic main stream in South Africa.

Our Vision

A World Class Institute for Socio Economic Impact in Africa; a centre for business and economic development that enhances an entrepreneurial approach in new and existing business ventures.

Our Mission

To create partnerships with key business formations that will help unearth entrepreneurial spirit of persons from townships & rural areas who’ll become business sector leaders in RSA. Institutionalise lasting economic changes in township & rural communities. Through working with like minded formations, LEDI will seek to influence & help with practical strategies of economic inclusion of the economically marginalised persons.

Our Objectives

  • Research, package and direct township & rural economy for the benefit of township / rural persons
  • Establish markets for products & services from townships /rural areas
  • Empower township / rural entrepreneurs with relevant skills
  • Through Lighthouse Index (LI), measure the economic impact of entrepreneurial/ economic programmes on the ground & performance of township / rural ventures
  • Organise and conduct socio economic events for associated members with key stakeholders like government, financial institutions & state owned enterprises.
  • Practice spiderweb economic model